Communication inspired by the painting "Feuerbach" of Pinselartist Ralf Metzenmacher

RetroArt –  painting from the 19th century interpreted by Ralf Metzenmacher


To register for the German training, start with one trial  lesson or book of a batch of lessons. 
To understand the booking process please follow the steps below.  

Step 1: Select on the online enrolment form

  • the trial lesson (1 unit of 45 minutes) or a block of 10/20/30 lessons of 45 or of 60 minutes
  • your preferred date and time for the first lesson
  • your method of payment: bank transfer or credit card
  • and enter your personal data, including name, postal and email address  

Step 2: Write in the comment box  

  • your year of birth
  • your choice of plattform: Skype, zoom, Teams, google meet, …
  • if you register another person, please provide the name and year of birth 
  • send your registration

Step 3: After registration you will receive 

  • an automated confirmation immediately after registering
  • a personal confirmation within 36 hours with a personal invoice if you chose to pay by bank transfer, or a personal payment confirmation if you chose to pay by credit card 
  • the contact details of your online teacher – he or she will contact you before your course starts to confirm that the lesson will take place
  • a placement test to determine your level of German or a few questions to answer in German – neither of these are compulsory

Step 4: After the test lesson 

  • please contact us if you want to continue or stop.
  • If you want to continue go to our shop and select a block of lessons. The more lessons you book, the less you pay per lesson. If you want to pay with bank transfer, there is not need to fill in the online enrolment form again. Inform us about the amount of lessons you wish to book per email and we will forward an invoice for a bank transfer to you.  

If you need any support, contact us now!

go to the registration form

I will be happy to support you!


Alexandra von Rohr

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D-96049 Bamberg / Germany

Phone: +49 951 20 44 04
Mobile: +49 179 518 4635
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