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Combine on-site learning with learning online

Language training is no longer something you can only do in a language school, a company or in your teacher’s home – it can now be organized anywhere at any time. Integrating short periods of face to face intensive training into online courses increases learning output, particularly when learning German for work. As a result, TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE has launched two carefully designed blended learning programs that combine on-site and online lessons.

Course program 1: online – on-site (school/company) – online

Online 1-1 + mini group + online 1-1

We offer this program in cooperation with language schools all over Germany. This option allows you to alternate individual online lessons with mini-group lessons at a language close to your company or at your place of work.  read more / mehr lesen

Course program 2: online – Home Tuition – online

Online 1-1 + teacher’s house 1-1 + online 1-1

This training is extremely intensive as German is only taught on a one-to-one basis. Individual online lessons with your own private teacher are supplemented by a week in a German teacher’s home. During this week you will live with your teacher, learning around the clock – 24/7.  read more / mehr lesen

To find out more, phone us or go to our website www.learn-german-home-tuition.comexternal link to another site

Plan – course program 1:

Give your employees the chance to learn German for a few weeks online with a private tutor and later offer them an (extended) weekend of intensive German training in a school or intensive day courses in the company. Click ‘read more’ to find a 6-month plan for blended learning. read more / mehr lesen

Plan – course program 2:

Take a break from your online lessons and take a crash course of 4+ days (or longer) at your private teacher’s home in the UNESCO city of Bamberg. This will be a unique linguistic and cultural experience. Learn to speak without anxiety and become a fluent speaker in an environment where German is spoken naturally 24 hours a day.  Click ‘read more’ to see an annual learning plan.   read more / mehr lesen

Advantages of on-site training

To become a confident German speaker, you need to immerse yourself in the language. The best way to do this is to take intensive courses in your German teacher’s house (Home Tuition) or at the language school / in your company.

  • professional instruction from German native speakers
  • immediate feedback motivates and inspires
  • a seamless transition from Skype sessions

For classroom instruction at the school in Bamberg:

  • Organized accommodation in a hotel, guest house or private room
  • Group lessons with other international course participants 
  • Leisure activities offered by the school

Home Tuition Program:

  • Transport to Bamberg
  • Accommodation and meals at your teacher’s home (hotel also possible)
  • All meals taken with your teacher.
  • Not only lessons, but also individual practice sessions and joint activities such as sightseeing, hiking, cycling, brewery, theater and concert visits to give you plenty of chances to speak and listen to German.

Course content

Courses can focus on a variety of areas. Just let us know your preferences. If you choose German at work, you / your employees will learn to communicate with customers, employees, in meetings or at trade fairs. You will also learn to write emails and reports, post information on the company website or create presentation slides. We work with specific vocabulary and idioms commonly used in the profession and industry sector.

Typical aims of participants:

  • to speak more fluently
  • to react spontaneously
  • to actively use new vocabulary
  • to consolidate grammar
  • to improve pronunciation
  • to write more efficiently and effectively
  • to speak confidently and persuasively

You / your staff will quickly discover how effective it is to have live online training with your teacher. You will work with content that is entirely relevant to you while remaining flexible in terms of location and time. Intensive onsite courses in the company / school or at your teacher’s house will give you a special boost, helping you to learn and consolidate your knowledge in the shortest possible time.


All teachers are native speakers qualified to teach German as a foreign language. Many have additional qualifications, from law, finance, IT and mechanical engineering to philology, sports, health and more. They are certified full-time teachers of German with professional experience in both online and face-to-face teaching. Not only will your German training be professional, it will also motivate you as a learner, taking you forward and making the process enjoyable.


Before booking a blended learning course, you should call us so that we can email you a tailor-made program / offer. To get a sense of the costs, see the table below detailing prices for individual online lessons and mini-group lessons in the company or school. After discussing your particular requirements, we will always send you an individual offer for a blended learning course by email.

Online: live 1-to-1 sessions with your private teacher Euro €
01 lesson per 45 minutes = test lessongerman online course booking 35,00
05 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 245,00
10 lessons per 45 minutesgerman online course booking 350,00
10 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 460,00
15 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 678,00
20 lessons per 45 minutesgerman online course booking 683,00
20 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 897,00
25 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 1.060,00
30 lessons per 45 minutesgerman online course booking 985,00
30 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 1.294,00
35 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 1.487,00
40 lessons per 45 minutesgerman online course booking 1.273,00
40 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 1.673,00
50 lessons per 45 minutesgerman online course booking 1.563,00
50 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 2.054,00

You can also use our general registration formgeneral registration form to book lesson packages. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at any time.

For the onsite training at your company or in Bamberg, you decide how many employees you wish to send.

Program 1: mini group school/company Euro €
18  units á 45 minutes 1-2 employees – 2.5 days 1.260,00
18  units á 45 minutes 3-4 employees – 2.5 days 1.440,00
18  units á 45 minutes 5-6 employees  – 2.5 days 1.620,00
18  units á 45 minutes 7-8 employees  – 2.5 days 1.980,00

The course start for individual training in the  H o m e  T u i t i o n  program is entirely flexible.

Program 2: 1-to-1 in the house of the teacher Euro €
Crash course 4 days : 22 sessions incl. living with FB plus practical lessons and activities, individual start date 1.260,00
General German: 20 sessions incl. living with FB plus practical lessons and activities. arrival Sunday, departure Saturday 1.790,00
Business  German: 26 sessions incl. living with FB plus practical lessons and activities. arrival Sunday, departure Saturday 1.950,00
Business  German: 34 sessions incl. living with FB plus practical lessons and activities. arrival Sunday, departure Saturday 2.110,00

Call us for advice on which combination is best for you.

Services included

  • Personal consultation both before and during the course
  • A detailed placement test to determine the language level before the course if required
  • Enrolment fee and course material provided as copies
  • Course material selected according to the level, preferred learning style and language goals, the cost of course books not included
  • Online 1-to-1 lessons (45 or 60 minutes) with qualified German language trainers via Skype Business/zoom or an alternative platform
  • Learning breaks or an increase in course intensity if required
  • German workshop in the company or in Bamberg at the language school with up to 8 participants (TN), i.e. with 8 participants only approx. EUR 247.50 per person, excluding expenses
  • Varying course times for online sessions to fit in with individual schedules
  • Time zone:German course information UTC+1 (CET) in winter and UTC+2 (CEST) in summer
  • Preparation for all official exams from Goethe and telc
  • Control tests to monitor learning progress if required
  • A certificate based on the Common European Framework for LanguagesGerman course information
  • Intensive 1-to-1 training in the house of the teacher (home tuition) single room with half-or full board, leisure program and practical lessons during meals
  • 100% saving on the enrolment fee for the German Home Tuition Program of Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINEGerman course information

Conditions and general notes

  • You will receive an answer or quote within 36 hours
  • The full payment must be made in net via bank transfer before the course start
  • One 1-to-1 online session lasts either 45 or 60 minutes
  • Online lessons take place from Monday to Friday between 7 am till 9 pm, weekends available on request, Sunday with an extra charge of 10%
  • If cancellations are made on time – at least 36 hours in advance – no lessons will be charged. For late cancellations, lessons will be charged at 100%
  • Please note that online lessons must be taken within a set period of time. This period is generous and is divided as follows:
    –  30 weeks if the booking is 10*45 or 10/15*60 minutes
    –  50 weeks if the booking is 20*45 or 20/25*60 minutes
    –  80 weeks if the booking is 30*45 or 30/35*60 minutes
    – 100 weeks if the booking is 40*45 or 40/45*60 minutes
    – 120 weeks if the booking is 50*45 or 50*60 minutes
  • The expenses for the trainer are added to the face-to-face lessons in your company
  • The place of jurisdiction is Bamberg, Germany

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