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The primary goal of this course is to give you confidence in speaking and to improve your pronunciation and listening skills to help you deal with a wide range of speaking situations. Extending your active and passive use of vocabulary will also be a priority.

Course format

Live German lessons with your own private teacher

Online German lessons allow you to enjoy live face-to-face contact with your own private teacher at times that suit you. You can see your teacher, interact with him and share the same screen to work on texts. This enables you to train your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and to keep a record of your online sessions for later review.

Course content

You determine what you want to learn in your private lessons. You can work with a course book (recommended for the basic levels A1 and A2) and/or with topic-based material. If you elect not to work with a course book, your teacher will select materials based on your own interests and objectives. read more / mehr lesen

In your individual online lessons you will learn to:

    • speak more fluently
    • react spontaneously
    • actively apply new vocabulary
    • consolidate grammar – also necessary 
    • improve your pronunciation
    • express yourself clearly in written form
    • speak confidently and convincingly

Discover how useful, practical and efficient it is to have live German lessons with your own private teacher. This course is extremely flexible in terms of location and time and focuses entirely on your wishes and needs.

German teachers

Our team comprises 20 German teachers, all of them German native speakers. All our teachers are certified language trainers with from 5 to 25 years of professional experience in online or classroom teaching. They have worked with a variety of target groups, with a focus on a wide range of subject areas. Their professional instruction animates and inspires through immediate personal feedback. They will be driving you on to achieve your language goals.

 Course prices

Number of lesson units Euro €
01 lesson per 45 minutes = test lessongerman online course booking 35,00
05 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 245,00
10 lessons per 45 minutesgerman online course booking 350,00
10 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 460,00
15 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 678,00
20 lessons per 45 minutesgerman online course booking 683,00
20 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 897,00
25 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 1.060,00
30 lessons per 45 minutesgerman online course booking 985,00
30 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 1.294,00
35 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 1.487,00
40 lessons per 45 minutesgerman online course booking 1.273,00
40 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 1.673,00
50 lessons per 45 minutesgerman online course booking 1.563,00
50 lessons per 60 minutesgerman online course booking 2.054,00

You can also use our general registration formgeneral registration form to book lesson packages. 

Please note: We do not charge an enrolment fee. Our prices include election of materials, preparation and the services described below.
To book training units, click on the corresponding amount of lessons in the table or go to our booking shopEnrolment form German training online.
If two people would like to share a lesson, please add EUR 9,00 with 45 minutes and EUR 12,00 with 60 minutes per session for the 2nd person. Example: 10 sessions are EUR 350,00 for 1 person and EUR 440,00 for 2 persons, i.e. plus EUR 90,00 for the 2nd person. 

Services included

The online courses include the following:

  • Personal consultation on the phone or on an online platform before and during the course
  • A detailed placement test to determine the language level before the course (optional)
  • Online 1-to-1 lessons (45 or 60 minutes) with professional qualified German language trainers  
  • A course tailored to individual requirements and special interests
  • Course material selected according to the level, preferred learning style and language goals, forwarded online.
  • Selection of course books according to needs, cost of course books are not included and is optional.
  • Varying course times to fit in with individual schedules.
  • Learning breaks or an increase in course intensity if required
  • Time zone:German course information UTC+1 (CET) in winter and UTC+2 (CEST) in summer
  • Preparation for all official exams from Goethe, telc and TestDaF
  • Regular tests to monitor learning progress after 50 lessons (half a language level) if required
  • A certificate based on the Common European Framework for LanguagesGerman course information.
  • 100% saving on the enrolment fee for the German Home Tuition Program of Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINEGerman course information

Conditions and general notes

  • Instruction is given online, on a one-to-one basis live with a private teacher 
  • One 1-to-1 online session lasts either 45 or 60 minutes. Longer sessions can be booked, too. 
  • After the test lesson booking of batches from 5, 10, 15, 20 or more lessons á 45 or á 60 minutes 
  • Course times and days can be varied to fit your schedule
  • Lessons take place from Monday to Friday between 7 am and 9 pm, Saturdays on request, Sundays with an extra charge of 10% 
  • Payment must be made in net via bank transfer or credit card before the course start. PayPal is only accepted for the payment of the test lesson. 
  • If cancellations are made on time – at least 36 hours in advance – no lessons will be charged. For late cancellations, lessons will be charged at 100%.
  • Please note that lessons must be taken within a set period of time. This period is generous and is divided as follows:
    – 30 weeks if the booking is 10*45 or 10/15*60 minutes
    – 50 weeks if the booking is 20*45 or 20/25*60 minutes
    – 80 weeks if the booking is 30*45 or 30/35*60 minutes
    – 100 weeks if the booking is 40*45 or 40/45*60 minutes
    – 120 weeks if the booking is 50*45 or 50*60 minutes
  • The place of jurisdiction is Bamberg, Germany

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