Alexandra von Rohr, Founder and Director of  Sprachinstituts TREFFPUNKT Online

Speaking another language is a gift  


As I’ll be your personal contact from your first enquiry to the last day of your course, I’d like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Alexandra von Rohr. I am a qualified translator and interpreter with a BA in translation.  Initially, I worked in market research and then went on to found the language school in Bamberg in 1995. I ran the school as institute director until 2015 and then handed the school over to a younger generation.

The motivation to establish the school came not only from my study of languages, but also from the positive experiences I’d had at language courses and universities abroad. I always found the atmosphere inspiring and full of energy. Everybody attending the courses had a goal, they were positive and wanted to add something to their life, or even change their life for private or professional reasons. Studying a language with people of all ages from very different walks of life is a unique experience and I made this the centre of my profession for 20 years.

However, from 2016 I wanted to focus on one-to-one training with my team. This gives us  the opportunity to take individuals forward in a very short time and really bond with them. The experience I have gained in both group and individual training has been valuable and extremely enjoyable. And now I find that the flexibility of the individual online lessons in terms of time and space fits in perfectly with the demands of the world today and my own personal situation. 

I have 25 years of experience working with companies and private clients in the language industry. This experience is invaluable in terms of helping you to choose and plan your online language course. I will make sure that the course is tailored to your individual requirements and will be happy to answer any questions you have at any time. Your booking will be carried out professionally and efficiently, and you will receive personal attention before, during and after the course.




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