German online | trial session | live 1:1 | 1*45 minutes


What to expect in the trial lesson:

  • You will meet your private teacher
  • You will have a lesson tailored to your needs and level
  • You will discuss the placement test or a topic of your choice
  • After the lesson you will receive a short summary of the content

Course format:

  • One-to-one lesson online
  • 1*45 minutes (= 1 lesson)
  • Live session with your private teacher
  • Teaching material provided online
  • Platform: ZOOM, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or BigBlueButton
  • Choice of a schedule to suit you
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German online course | live | one-to-one | trial lesson | 1*45 minutes

Would you like try out a German lesson in a virtual classroom with a private teacher? Would you like to start within 48 hours? Then go ahead and book a trial lesson.

This will help you find out whether this course format works for you and whether  it offers the fun and learning success you are hoping for.

Learning with a private teacher has clear benefits:

  • You move forward at your own pace
  • You can adapt the learning process to your schedule
  • You study or take a break as often as you want
  • You can learn German wherever you are
  • You only take as many hours as you need
  • You work with the teacher who suits you best
  • You can add lessons or stop as required

Any questions? Just give us a call: +49 951 204404. Alexandra will be happy to help you.

Course format:

  • One-to-one | 1:1
  • 1*45 minutes (= 1 lesson)
  • Live session with your private teacher

Course content:

The course content is based on your language skills, interests and goals, as well as your teacher's suggestions. Usually the trial lesson includes a short time getting to know each other and a lesson on a topic, e.g. strengthening your oral-, written- or listening skills or discussing your test result from the placement test (optional). At the end of the lesson, you can discuss with your teacher whether and how you would like to continue, or you can talk about this later with Alexandra.


- None. When registering, please indicate your level of German (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). If you’re not sure of your level, don’t worry. We will verify it in the first lesson.


After clicking on "Book now", please confirm the course on the following page by clicking "Proceed to checkout" to enter your address and choose the method of payment. At the end, complete your booking by “Place order”.

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35 Euros for 45 minutes (1 lesson)


Video chat programs: Skype, ZOOM, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or BigBlueButton

For an individual description of the different courses on our website, click on “Courses”

Find out how practical, useful and efficient it is to learn German live via video chat and discover how flexible it is in terms of time, place and study content.

Enjoy your German online lesson. Feel the progress and experience the benefit of learning online with a private teacher from TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE team.