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Schnupperstunden Deutsch mit Alexandra

Taster lesson live mit Alexandra


Your introduction to testing our online courses

For many who learn a foreign language, online learning has become a standard format of learning. Learning online complements the learning at a language school, autonomous studies or practicing with friends and colleagues. The big advantage of online learning: You are not tied to a specific location and or to a schedule if you have booked individual lessons or bought learning videos.

To make the start of online training with a language teacher for you as easy as possible, TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE offers free, non-binding trial courses of approx. 80 minutes once a month.

What you will get:

  1. Learn the main functions of Zoom in online lessons (about 5-10 minutes)
  2. Experience live group lessons on a topic like: “der, die, das – wie weiß man das? ” (about 60 minutes) Rules, practice, practice, practice, solutions.
  3. Hear about our learning formats: Our specialization – learning by modules (about 5 minutes)
  4. Learn about our German project: Art & Language- DenkMAL – a cooperation between the artist Ralf Metzenmacher and the language institute TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE (about 2 minutes)

If you want to be informed about the next dates, please subscribe to the mailing list and you will be notified in advance by email.

Materials for download

The documentation of all taster lessons (“Schnupperstunde”) up to now, you can download here free for your self study:

  1. der, die, das – how do you know?pdf Dokument herunterladen
  2. accusative, dativ – which one to pick when?pdf Dokument herunterladen
  3. two-way prepositions – wohin? wo?pdf Dokument herunterladen
  4. adjectiv declination – crazy but feasibelpdf Dokument herunterladen
  5. subjunctive – Konjunktiv IIpdf Dokument herunterladen – part 1
  6. subjunctive – Konjunktiv II pdf Dokument herunterladen – part 2
  7. comparative – Komperativpdf Dokument herunterladen
  8. superlativepdf Dokument herunterladen

We will be happy to inform you as soon as we continue the series with taster lessons. If you want to be informed in good time, please subscribe to our mailing list. We will send you a personal invitation 3 to 5 days before the session starts.

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With best wishes from Bamberg/Bavaria Alexandra von Rohr


Alexandra von Rohr

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D-96049 Bamberg / Germany

Phone: +49 951 20 44 04
Mobile: +49 179 518 4635
E-Mail: a.vonrohr@treffpunkt-online.com
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