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Focused learning with your online teacher   

You might be a beginner or an advanced learner of German. Independant of your level you might still have difficulties with let’s say when to pick accusative or dative. There is no need to study an entire language level again. Pick the correpsonding grammar module that troubles you. Our German teacher will explain live this specific grammar subject, give examples and excercises with. At the end of a module session you will have the grip on the grammar. 

Zoom classroom

The group session with maximum 6 participants take place in zoom. You only need 5 seconds to download zoom and your are ready to start right away with your module learning. Your teacher will send you an invitation link for your module session, there is no need to have an account of your own. If you need any help, please contact us any time, we will be happy to support you. 

Since the teacher will share the screen/whiteboard with you a tablet or even better a PC is recommended as a working device.

Learning by grammar modules | schedule 


If you wish to learn or to revise specific grammar, pick one of the grammar modules from below.

The live teaching is offered on the following days: 
Tuesdays 9:15am |Tuesdays 6:15pm |Sundays at 9:15am  
The sessions for a grammar modules are 2,  3 or 4*45 minutes long

Live teaching 2*45 minutes .  

  • Module 1 – articles: der, die, das – how do you know? – BESTSELLER 
  • Module 2 – verbs: regular, irregular, separable, non separable  
  • Module 3 – six modal verbs : meaning, application, conjugation 
  • Module 4 – Perfekt – past tense formed with ‘haben’ vs. ‘sein’? Partizip II with ‘-t’ or ‘-en’?  BESTSELLER  

Live teaching 3*45 minutes  

  • Module 5 – Accusative? Dative? Tell me when! – BESTSELLER – BESTSELLER 
  • Module 6 – Wechselpräpositionen – Chaning prepositions – BESTSELLER 
  • Module 7 – Adjectiv declination with and without articles    
  • Module 8 – Konjunktiv II – subjunctive in the present and the past tense   
  • Module 9 – Passiv – passive voice in the present tense and the past tenses 

Live teaching 4*45 minutes 

  • Module 10 – Relativsätze – relative clause in Nominative, Genitive, Accusative, Dative

Our objective is that you will undestand the grammar 100%. No more doubts, thus putting you in a position that you could explain the grammar subject it to anyone yourself. 

Prices | booking 

Note that there is no registration fee. You can book individual modules. The prices are per module and differ depending on the duration. At the end of the live session, the rules will be forwarded to you via email.  

To book a module please click please on the appropriate course and date. A window will open where you are asked to choose the date and your way of payment bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. The invoice will be forwarded to you via email as well as your confirmation of your payment

Module typ 

Euro per module 

Module 1 – Articles: der, die, das


Module 2 – Verbs: regular, irregular, separable, non separable

Module 3 – Modal verbs 16,00
Module 4 – (Present) Perfekt   16,00
Module 5 – Accusative? Dative? 24,00

Module 6 – Wechselpräpositionen 


Module 7 – Adjectiv declination  


Module 8 – Konjunktiv II


Module 9 – Passiv


Module 10 – Relativsätze 


Look forward to an intensive and entertaining learning program with clear explanations, helpful examples and mutual exercises for a great learning success. 

German online trainers 

All our teachers are native speakers with the qualifications to teach German as a foreign language. You will meet experienced, joyful and above all patient teachers who will make you fall in love 🙂 with the German grammar. 

Services included


Conditions and general notes

  • You will receive an answer or quote within 36 hours.
  • The full payment must be made in net before the course start.
  • The first booking must be for at least 2 weeks, afterwards possibility to book on a weekly basis. 
  • The course book used in class is not included 
  • Certificates or course participations can not be issued as it is learning by modules and not by language levels.
  • If you can not participate in a lesson, no refund can be made. 
  • The place of jurisdiction is Bamberg, Germany.

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