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More than Manners – Business Etikette in Deutschland

A guide for everyone who wants to know how to act professionally in German-speaking countries. // The Business Professional’s Guide to Success in Germany // hardcover book & e-Book // Bilingual book in German/English, 3rd edition


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Lasting values
Politeness and culturally appropriate manners are the basis for successful private and professional contacts. In every country and in every culture, there are subtle, but important, peculiarities that you should be aware of. In the present edition of our book, we focus on more than 30 typical, everyday situations that you could encounter in the German-speaking regions of Europe. We point out cultural peculiarities and potential stumbling blocks because responding appropriately can sometimes be a challenge for visitors.

Change is the only constant
We know that behaviors and norms are subject to constant change. For example, a gesture that is considered cool, trendy and hip today might be considered conservative and outdated tomorrow. The pandemic, for example, has made the iconic formal German handshake nearly obsolete. In some cases, even hugs and kisses have become taboo with friends and family.

On the safe side
In the midst of constant change, we cannot guarantee to always have the ideal good advice for every tricky situation. However, we do think that we can help you to recognize tricky situations quickly and show you some of the best ways for reacting to them. We want you to always feel like you are on the safe side while navigating social situations in a foreign environment.

Your success
Respect for others and from others is the basis for every trusting relationship. These days, "trust" is almost a magic word, especially if you consider the frequent turbulence and missteps that the use of social media facilitates. With our guide, we hope to reflect on the "basics" of professional behavior and help you lay the path for appropriate and successful behavior.

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