On March 31st, 2021, Alexandra gave a free German lesson via ZOOM on the topic:

“Superlative in German”

Here you will find the lesson slides to download as pdf pdf Dokument herunterladen (22 slides) for repetition and self-study.

If you liked the free session and/or enjoy the slides, I would truly appreciate to read about it in “create your own comment” at the end of thi page.

If you have any questions, please write to Alexandra (mailto: a.vonrohr@treffpunkt-online.com).

For a better overview and free download here is the

documentation of all grammar sessions

up to now:

  1. der, die, das – how do you know?pdf Dokument herunterladen
  2. accusative, dativ – which one to pick when?pdf Dokument herunterladen
  3. two-way prepositions – wohin? wo?pdf Dokument herunterladen
  4. adjectiv declination – crazy but feasibelpdf Dokument herunterladen
  5. subjunctive – Konjunktiv IIpdf Dokument herunterladen – part 1
  6. subjunctive – Konjunktiv II pdf Dokument herunterladen – part 2
  7. comparative – Komperativpdf Dokument herunterladen
  8. superlativepdf Dokument herunterladen

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