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OVERVIEW: That’s how it works

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Classes are conducted via Skype, Skype Business or another chat program on request. Your native speaking German teacher will contact you via Skype for your preferred first appointment, which you will have stated during your registration. All future appointments can be arranged directly with your German teacher after each session. During this session you will also have a chance to discuss the course program with him/her personally.
More and more terms have been buzzing around the net. Let us briefly clarify what types of teaching there are, what they are called and what we offer.

  • A) Distance education = Distance learning. You learn with your teacher via Skype or another platform as if you were in a classroom. This means you’ll receive personal and prompt feedback. This is what we offer.
  • B) Online eLearning = Web-based educational processes. You study on your own, working through standard exercises and receiving automated feedback.
  • C) Face-to-face training  = Education in face-to-face events, e.g. at a school or in a company

Our offer focuses on point A. Individual distance education. Another common expression is online training, a term we also use. The big difference between this and eLearning (point B) is that our lessons are not based on standard web-based exercises on one platform. Instead, our lessons are conducted by a live private teacher, as though you were in a classroom.
No matter which aspects of German you want to learn or improve, a one-to-one training with your private tutor online offers the ideal platform. With Skype you can chat, watch videos and record sessions. You have all the technical tools you need to practice speaking, listening or writing.
Computer-assisted language programs can be helpful, both to prepare for yourself for the lesson and to build on your new knowledge. Please let us know if you are already learning German with a learning CD or tutorial. If you wish, we can integrate this learning material into your individual sessions.


 You can choose from six courses with a different focus:

  1. General German 
  2. Business German 
  3. Blended Learning: Combining online and on-site learning
  4. Exam preparation: Goethe and telc 
  5. Exam preparation: TestDaF 
  6. German for young learners, children and teenagers

The course programs are tailormade to your requirements. Talk to us and you will receive your own personal German program. And you can put what you learn into practice immediately.

At the end of the course, you will receive an email confirming your participation, stating the number of lessons and the course level according to the official Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

 You can book with us as a company or as a private individual and we will issue the corresponding invoice.

Target group

 These courses are for all who …
are looking for an individual German program

  • prefer to work with native German speakers
  • need prompt individual feedback 
  • prefer one-to-one training or see this training as a supplement to a group course
  • are looking for an authentic communication situation, e.g. on the phone or during video conferences
  • cannot attend classes at school regularly due to scheduling difficulties 
  • want to lose their fear of speaking on the phone or presenting
  • want to perfect their oral expression and pronunciation
  • want to understand better and react more quickly
  • need more security in writing emails, reports and minutes
  • want to prepare for an intensive German course or a (work) stay abroad


Obvious advantages of online learning

  • intensive learning with high concentration, especially with a headset
  • voice recording of the lesson to repeat the new material
  • speaking and listening are equally intensively trained
  • an authentic learning situation via Skype, like on the phone or on the computer
  • no travel to the course location, i.e. savings of time and money
  • strong flexibility, with a course time between 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
  • a flexible schedule, including breaks if required 
  • continuity of learning is guaranteed – training is possible anywhere, any time

This makes language learning via Skype very different from any kind of web-based training and self-learning programs. Permanent interaction with a teacher, rather than an avatar, is more effective and motivating in the long run.


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